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Bali Expressindo Weddings International was established over 25 years specifically to assist foreign couples who choose to be married here. Our prices are some of the most competitive around.

We can be relied upon to ensure perfect preparation and co-ordination for every aspect of your wedding arrangements. Bali Expressindo Weddings International is a member of the Association of Wedding Professionals International.

We are owned and operated by a local Balinese with 20 plus years in tourism and have successfully arranged hundred of beautiful wedding ceremonies and receptions over the years. We ensure great attention to detail and give a high level of personal service and assistance to every couple.

Whether there are just the two of you or you have a huge group of friends and family travelling with you we are at your service and will be pleased to assist.

We are ready to give free Wedding Consultations to ensure smooth communications and a perfect understanding of your needs, while our local staff will guarantee the smallest of details from organizing with local authorities to entertainers, florists and any others involved in your special day.

Many couples who are already legally married to each other choose Bali as the perfect place to renew their vows and we can of course assist with this too.

Apart from the ceremony we also offer a professional team to assist with photography, videoshoot, flowers, musicians, dancers, caterers etc.

We are proud to offer you our highly professional services and assure you that with our assistance for your most special day in Bali will be as smooth and as memorable as you would wish it to be.

Accurate information related to the possibilities and procedures for you to be married in Bali is vital and for that reason you will need to advise us from the outset of the nationalities and religious beliefs of both bride and bridegroom.

If you would like to be married in Bali, one of the most mystical and beautiful places in the world, and would like to take advantage of our experience and services please complete Request More Information form so that we can send you more detailed information.

Types of Ceremony:

Legal Wedding Ceremony

A Legal Ceremony in Bali generally consists of two separate parts. The first part is performed by a Minister, Priest or other religious representative whilst the second part, following immediately after the first, is performed by the Indonesian Government Registry Officials. It is the second of the two ceremony parts which makes your marriage legal and the Indonesian Government Registry Officials will not register and legalize your marriage until such time as a religious ceremony has taken place. We can organise both ceremonies.

Religious Only Ceremony

For couples wanting to celebrate marriage without any legal implications, the Religious Only Ceremony is ideal. A simple but beautiful ceremony is performed by a Religious Minister.  You may use existing ceremonies, write your own or do a combination of both to make this ceremony truly yours.

Commitment Ceremony

For couples wanting to celebrate their love and life long commitment to each other without any legal implications or, for those who wish to celebrate a renewal of vows after some years of marriage, the Commitment Ceremony will suit perfectly.

This simple but beautiful ceremony may be performed by either a Western or Balinese Officiant and you are free to use existing ceremonies, write your own or do a combination of both to make this ceremony absolutely yours.

Various inclusions are provided with this package!

Balinese Blessing Ceremony

A Balinese Blessing Ceremony, performed by a ‘Balinese Officiant’ is often used by couples already legally married to each other who wish to renew their vows in a highly spiritual and traditional manner during their stay in Bali. It is also popular with couples who wish to celebrate their love but without any legal implications.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

If you wish to celebrate a ‘Vow Renewal’ Ceremony here in beautiful Bali you may choose to do so in a number of ways.

Either in a ‘Religious Only Ceremony’ performed by a Minister of the Protestant Church, a Priest from the Catholic Church, a Buddhist Priest or the appropriate representative of your own religion;

A ‘Ceremony of Commitment’ performed by either a Balinese or a Western Officiant;

Or a ‘Balinese Blessing Ceremony’ performed by a Balinese Officiant.

Prices for Vow Renewal Ceremonies depend on the type of ceremony you choose to enjoy.

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